Ready or Not…

87A61303-37C2-4394-B9C2-7B9076AC2BCCOn the fourth day of December, ‘I’m not ready to show my art,’ I said as I signed my name and handed the membership form for the ArtLife Gallery over to Vanessa.

‘Okay,’ she said smiling sweetly.

‘I just want to meet other creative people and get involved somehow.’

‘Okay,’ Vanessa said still smiling sweetly.

With hind-sight, I now know that wasn’t just a ‘sweet’ smile but a ‘knowing’ smile.

Three days before Christmas ‘Do you want to show your work in January?’ The text read.

‘No, no, I’m really not ready,’ I typed.

The second of January, I drop my work off at the gallery.

I have five artworks in the gallery along with twelve other local artists, photographers, and even a metal worker!

Vanesa is an encourager and an enabler in the nicest possible way. She has a way of making you feel your art IS good enough, you ARE creative and your work deserves to be seen no-matter what stage of the journey you are on – there is no bad art!

I don’t like the term bucket list and don’t have one but if I did I would definitely be checking off a few items this month.

Saturday January 20 from 6pm to 9pm is the Artists’ Reception. If you are an artist, photographer, sculptor, creative, collector, buyer or just curious please come by and take a look around the gallery, chat with the artists and hear some live music and please come and find me and say ‘hi’ and I’ll introduce you to Vanesa so she can encourage you too…

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