Bravo: Work of Art

Season One:
I don’t watch much tv but even so I can’t believe it took me nine years to discover Bravo’s Work of Art: The Next Great Artist (aired 2010).  It’s an art competition and reality show.  I was hooked from the very first episode.  We don’t get many opportunities to hear artists talk about their work or watch them develop their ideas from start to finish. It’s interesting to see the journey from the first seed of an idea (and sometimes no idea) through to the end product.  It really opened me up to what art is gave me a better understanding of conceptualism. I really think my own idea of art has changed from watching this show.

The final five were really interesting artist and it must have been difficult to choose the winner. I won’t give it away in case anyone reading hasn’t watched it and if you haven’t it really is binge-worthy and left me wondering why it only ran for two seasons.

Season Two:
I’m about fifteen minutes into the first episode and know why there were only two seasons. As much as I loved the first season, this one, I hate! With all the young, new artists out there how did they end up with this group! The final artworks were really disappointing and I carry on watching only because I’m sick and it’s just me and the tv today. By episode three I’m watching only to find out if anyone will shine through and how the judges will cope with the awful offerings and in particular to hear what Jerry Saltz has to say and to see what outfit China Chow will wear.

The theme of the group seems to be ‘when in doubt stick a dick on it!’ The Sucklord (yes, that’s the name he goes by) spends his time evaluating the female contestants and I cringe when episode four teams the artists up with school kids. There’s some dramatic crying but thankfully none of it involves the kids.

Eventually some of the art starts to get interesting as does the interaction between the artists as they are thrown into team work and none of them come across as team players.

China Chow and the judges were great – I learned a lot from them. I wish they were given a third season and the opportunity to critic a fresh group of artists.

I wonder if any of the group are still making art? I wonder if any of them liked the way they came across on the show? I wonder if they regret doing it or would change anything? Did Lola ever got together with the Sucklord? What’s China wearing…

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