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The Macabre History of Emerald Green

Today we wear green as a symbol of good fortune and to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, but when the Wilhelm Dye & White Lead Company developed a new green dye in 1814 health problems from this new dye formula made the color less than lucky.  Made from arsenic the result of skin-contact with this dye was at the very least serious skin disorders and at the worst, death.

Even though the people of this era knew very well that arsenic was poisonous with serious side affects they continued to fill their homes and closets with this new color green as it was bolder and brighter than any color green they had seen before.

Today arsenic is banned from green dyes because  of it's toxicity and safer alternatives are used.

You can make green by mixing blue and yellow together but did you know you can also make green by adding yellow to black paint?  Try it - it works!